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Individual VOLUNTEERs



  • It is where the Feed a family Food Pack is packed for distribution.

  • Volunteers eliminate labor cost thus keeping the product cost effective.

  • Low costs allow a larger amount of meals per capita

  • A meal packaging event is a fun and engaging way to be part of the drive to fight hunger

  • 20 volunteers can pack 11000 meals in 4 hours!!  Imagine the impact you can make!




  • Volunteer at a Meal Packaging Event

    • Public packing events are free, and open to volunteers from school going age and older.

    • High School learners can earn their required community service hours in a safe and fun environment.


  • We have regular meal packing events during the year.

  • Keep an eye out for details on our Facebook page  (@TheElevationHub) or ask to be included on our Watsapp group.

  • Contact us for details on our next event 

    • Leonie Garvie +27 84 5551683​

 *We are currently only having public events in Ekurhuleni

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