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EMOTIONAL / spiritual healing

The Elevation Hub believes to elevate a person to a higher level than where they currently find themselves.  

‘For as a man thinks, so is he’


Identity is crucial for transformation. Once the lies of the enemy is exposed, a person can live in their


Life Coaching / 


We offer counselling services free of charge. Individuals can talk about their challenges to receive advice, guidance or an ear to listen.

Incubator Referral

Our NPO alliance provides access for referral to specific assistance

Inner-City Ministry

The Elevation Hub partners with Inner-City Ministry, who runs

  from our premises every Monday evening, providing a plate of food,

a spirit-filled message and small group discussions / support for the homeless and struggling families.

Inner-City Ministry in tern partners with various other organizations

in order to meet the holistic needs of the visitors. 

Weekend Equipping Courses

We offer weekend equipping courses.

  • Healing Shame & Rejection

  • Redemptive Gifts Course

  • Love Languages

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