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BEE Partnerships

If you are required to make BEE spend, look no further as we rely on funding and sponsorship. Follow the link and see how we can assist you!

Feed a Family Food Packs

Feed a Family Nutritional Meals is a product of The Elevation Hub to help fight hunger in our communities.  These meal packs can feed up to 6 people.  Each meal pack consists of 4 ingredients: Rice, dehydrated vegetables, soya and a fortified vitamin powder.

​If you would like to help fight the hunger, please support us as  these meals not only assists the needy, but give them much needed vitamins and nutrition to build them up.


The Elevation Hub's mission is to assist entrepreneurs, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, grow their businesses. ​The mentors are all volunteers who have a wealth of business experience and expertise in a number of business disciplines. Entrepreneurs (mentees) are matched with mentors who have the required skills and knowledge in the mentees line of business. 

NGO Network

The Elevation Hub takes hands with various other like-minded organisations who are experts in their respective fields, thus creating an incubator who work together to achieve greater objectives.

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